Terms and Conditions

Check-In and Check-Out

Check in time is from 2pm. There is no guaranteed check in before 2pm. Check out time is 10.30.  The property must be completely vacated by check out time. Failure to comply will incur surcharge. You may request an early check in or late check out.  We do our best to honour such requests, but special accommodations depend on availability and can not be confirmed until the day of check in.  To guarantee early check in or late check out, you would need to reserve a night prior for early check in or night of departure for late check out.  Some properties have variations to the check in/out times, please refer to the property listing and arrival instructions to confirm times.


All properties are let on the understanding that the accommodation is for holiday use only, for the period specified and that no right to remain in the accommodation exists for the applicants or anyone in the applicant’s party beyond the specified date and time. At no time during the period of permitted use may the property be occupied overnight by more than the number of people specified on the booking form.(including children & infants).  Guests must not sub-let the property nor use it for the purposes other than a holiday house. No caravans, tents or other accommodation will be placed at the property without written permission.

No Smoking Policy

If smoking is allowed on the property, the guest agrees not to smoke inside the property. A breach of this policy will result in a NZ$500 cleaning fee. If smoking outdoors all cigarette butts must be disposed of.


The guest agrees not to allow any animals on the property without the written consent of “STAY Waiheke”.
a) When animals are allowed on the property, the guest agrees that pets are not to be left unattended inside or outside the property at any time, guests will remove all pet waste from the property and be fully responsible for any damage caused by the pet.

Use of the Telephone

Where a telephone is available, the guest will ensure any calls made are ‘collect’ or ‘price required’ for anything outside the local calling area. Any costs incurred will be on charged to the guest.


Where linen is provided by ‘STAY Waiheke’ this includes bed sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and face cloths per person, hand towels, tea towels and bath mats. Beach or Spa towels are not provided unless stated on the web page for the property. 
Some property owners store their own linen in the house. This linen is not intended for guest use. An additional charge is applicable if the guests use owner’s linen.

Quiet Enjoyment and Parties

The guest agrees to respect the rights of neighbors in regard to noise.  Loud music is not permitted after 11pm.  Local council noise regulations apply.  Absolutely no house parties or  weddings or post wedding BBQ's are allowed at the property without advance permission in writing.


The guests accept full responsibility for checking with “STAY Waiheke” as to whether or not the property is, to the best knowledge of “STAY Waiheke”, safe for children.

Booking and Reservation Policy

The guest agrees that ‘STAY Waiheke’ is the booking agent only and any dispute regarding the availability, the standard of the property or chattels will be solely between the guest and the owner of the property. The guest agrees that ‘STAY Waiheke’ may give the guests contact details to the owner of the property if they request so.

No property shall be considered booked until ‘STAY Waiheke’ has confirmed the booking in writing.

A 50% deposit of the total accommodation is due at the time of booking with the balance payable 30 days prior to the date of arrival. The guests authorise STAY Waiheke to charge full payment due 21 days prior to arrival if no payment is made prior.
Some Owner/Property Managers require the Renter to agree to further terms and conditions specific to its accommodation at the time of booking. If the Renter does not wish to be bound by an Owner/Property Manager's additional terms and conditions for any reason, then the Renter can cancel the booking and STAY Waiheke will refund the Renter in full subject to STAY Waiheke receiving notice in writing from the Renter within 5 working days of the completion of the online booking process.

Dishonored payments of balances not received 7 days before the start of the let will result in the booking being canceled and deposit forfeited.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or amendment of a booking by the guests will incur a $75 administration charge. In addition:

Within 60 days of arrival:50% of the total accommodation costs unless the property is rebooked for the same booking period.
Within 30 days of arrival: 100% of the total accommodation costs unless the property is rebooked for the same booking period.
All booking canceled within 14 days of arrival or non-arrivals:100% of all booking costs.
No refunds are given for early departure. 

The Guest agrees that, should the property become unavailable or un-live able for any reason then STAY Waiheke’ will use their best endeavors to find a satisfactory alternative. Should a replacement property not be available all monies paid by the guest to ‘STAY Waiheke will be refunded in full. The guest agrees that the owner and ‘STAY Waiheke’ liability is limited to the refunding of such monies.
‘STAY Waiheke’ reserves the right to cancel reservation at any time, in which event the deposit shall be refunded in full.

Property Maintenance

Although every effort is made to maintain properties in good order, wear & tear on rental property is unavoidable.  Please notify ‘STAY Waiheke’ as soon as possible if a problem relating to the property exists. Every effort will be made to rectify any problem that exists in a timely manner.  Repairs will be made as soon as possible after notification.

The Guest is responsible for the safe-keeping of the owner’s property and content during the period booked. Neither the owner nor ‘STAY Waiheke’ is responsible for any stolen or lost items. Be safe and lock doors and windows when you are away and at night as you would at home.  Any breakage or damage to content or structure of the building must be reported promptly to ‘STAY Waiheke’ and the owner will be entitled to recover from the guest the cost of any repair or replacement needed due to guests act or default.
The Renter promises that it will:

Keep in a clean, livable condition and in good repair (subject to Reasonable Wear and Tear):

(i) The interior of the Accommodation;

(ii) The carpets, curtains and all other items of the 


(iii) All fixtures and fittings of the accommodation, including outdoor furniture, kayaks, boats.

Clean and keep free from blockages and obstructions all ;baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns, drains, gutters, pipes, chimneys and the like;

16.1  Keep clean the insides of all windows and replace any glass or mirrors which break for any reason.

Not damage, change or remove any of the Owner/Property Manager's installations, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Bond/Security Deposit

The guest agrees to provide a valid visa or mastercard for security on the property and authorises Stay Waiheke to debit his /her credit card for costs incurred for damage, breakage or cleaning.  If damage or excess cleaning is reported at the departure check, the guest authorises Stay Waiheke to immediately debit his/her credit card a $1000 bond to be held pending resolution of the damage.  Stay Waiheke will provide receipts for repairs/replacement of damaged items and charge a $50.00 administration fee on top of the final invoice.
The guest agrees that the liability is not limited to this amount.
Some Owners/Property Managers require payment of a cash bond in addition to providing a credit card. Typically the cash bond is $500 - $1,500 depending on the nature of the Accommodation, is paid into the Owner/Property Manager's nominated bank account prior to check in and is repaid within 7 working days of the completion of the Holiday Tenancy or upon the final resolution of a dispute.

The property must be left in a clean and tidy state and all furniture returned to the place in which it was found on arrival.  

Guests are fully responsible for cleaning all crockery, cutlery, general utensils, Oven and BBQ, and disposing of their rubbish in the prescribed way. If they are left dirty you may be charged an min but not limited to excess clean charge of $50. All doors and windows are to be closed and locked before check-out. 

Neither the owner nor ‘STAY Waiheke’ shall be liable for any loss or damage to property however caused during your stay.

Whenever the Accommodation is left unattended, the Renter will fasten all locks to all doors and windows and activate any burglar alarm, to prevent unauthorised access to the Accommodation. A call out due to lost keys or lockout will attract a non-negotiable minimum fee of $100 plus GST to be deducted from the Renter's credit card. The Renter will not change or install any locks on any doors or windows nor have additional keys made for any locks without the prior written consent of the Owner/Property Manager.


The guest agrees, that should all of these conditions not be adhered to, the owners or their agents will have the right to immediately terminate this contract and the guest and all other persons will vacate the property immediately if requested to do so by the owners or the owners’ agent. In this event, the guest agrees that no refund will be due or paid for any unused accommodation nights.

The Guest agrees that by making a booking, they indicate to accept the booking conditions as set out above.

Insurance and no liability

 The Renter will not do anything that could adversely affect the Owner/Property Manager's insurance over the Accommodation.

The personal effects of the Renter will not be insured by the Owner/Property Manager. The Renter acknowledges that all personal items and vehicles (including vehicle contents) of the Renter remain the Renter's responsibility and the Owner/Property Manager accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.

In the event that the Renter uses extra facilities at the Accommodation including, but not limited to, kayaks, dinghies, bicycles, trampolines, spas and swimming pools, such use is entirely at the Renter's own risk at all times and the Owner/Property Manager accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss to the Renter. Children are to be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult.

Left Property

Personal items left behind at the at the property will be held by Stay Waiheke for 30 days from the renters departure date.  The renter agrees they will contact Stay Waiheke within 30 days of departure if they would like items returned. An administration fee of $25.00 plus the cost of postage and packaging fees will be charged for shipping and handling.